Warewashing Stands & Tabling

See our large range of machine stands and bespoke made pass through dishwasher 'dirties' sink units and 'cleans' exit tabling.

Place your cabinet glasswasher or dishwasher onto a stand to improve its working height for your staff or to provide some height for a gravity drain machine to empty its waste water correctly.

If you are purchasing a pass through or hood style commercial dishwasher then you will need inlet and exit tabling to allow your staff to work most efficiently.
An inlet table usually consists of one or two bowls and a drainer area on which to load or sort dishes into the dishwasher basket,
The sink unit has a raised drip edge all arround and its entry side hooks over the edge of the dishwasher to ensure any water or food debris is contained in the sink,

 A hood dishwasher exit table usually consist or a flat surface onto which one or many baskets of clean and drying crocker will sit after exiting the machine. The are often ade with 'rack runners' under the table as an area to store baskets tidily once service is complete. 

As these items are built to order you can pretty much design your own - if you have an awkward space or need to include a scrapping hole we can pretty much design whatever you need.