Buffalo Energy Saving Manual Fill Water Boiler 20Ltr

Product No: CJ549

Product Description

2.6kW. Capacity: 20Ltr. Uses 60% less energy Heating water for teas and coffees can be very expensive, especially when energy prices are high. Whether you're running a charity, a church, a snack van or a café, the cost of boiling drinking water can really hit your bottom line, especially if demand is high.

The 20Ltr Buffalo energy saving water boiler can make a real reduction in these costs. With its clever insulated double-walled stainless steel construction, the boiler can save you up to 60% on energy use in comparison to traditional single-skinned boilers. Not only does this save money - it reduces your environmental impact too.

The insulated design means the water gets up to serving temperature faster (around 6 minutes faster than non-insulated models) so you can start serving even sooner than before. It also provides less heat drop-off, so even when switched off, the water temperature only drops around 18°C over the course of two hours - a real example of the Buffalo water boiler's impressive insulation.

The improvements to efficiency don't impact the performance or practicality of the water boiler at all - you still get all the great features you'd expect from Buffalo professional water urns. From the heavy duty construction and easy-clean design, to the thermal safety cut-off, the boiler provides all the reliability, performance and day-to-day user-friendly operation you need to make every service a success.


587(H) x 380(W)mm
Stainless Steel & Plastic
Temperature range
32°C to 100°C
2 Years


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