Houno Invoq Combi Oven Electric 10 Grid 1/1 GN

Product No: CX488

Product Description

19.3kW. Three Phase The Houno Invoq combi oven 10-1/1 is a fantastic choice for the busy professional kitchen. Designed for everyday reliability, efficiency and performance, the 10-grid oven combines a wide variety of advanced technologies to help you achieve perfectly cooked food, time after time.

With its front-mounted touch screen and Climate Control technology, the Houno Invoq combi oven gives you the precision you need over heat and humidity levels. The built-in Menu Planner is both intuitive and effective - simply drag and drop the dishes you're cooking and the software lets you cook multiple items at the same time, all without supervision - a superb way to relieve workloads of busy kitchen staff.

Other features such as SmartChef and Cook Time Correction add further utility to the oven. By automating many functions which would otherwise require the chef to adjust settings or monitor the food, the Houno's advanced capabilities saves time and reduces potential food waste.

Once service is over, the Houno Invoq is easy to clean too. Strong stainless steel and glass construction, as well as a clean, uncomplicated exterior design provide effortless wiping down. And thanks to the built-in Care Cycle, the interior can quickly be cleaned down by the touch of a button.


1081(H) x 937(W) x 908(D)mm
2 Years


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