KitchenAid Global Leave-in Dial Meat Thermometer Stainless Steel

Product No: DX292

Product Description

48-93°C. KQ902G The KitchenAid leave-in meat thermometer probe helps you cook meat to the correct temperature, giving you peace of mind about food safety. The 7.5cm dial has a tempered glass lens that is safe to leave in the oven during cooking.

The pointer will slowly move as the internal temperature of the roast or poultry rises. Full stainless steel construction is durable and long-lasting. Cooking temperatures are printed right on the dial for quick reference. NSF listed.

Important: The thermometer will be hot after use. Use oven gloves when handling the hot thermometer. At room temperature, the pointer will rest at the bottom of the dial. If the piece of meat is colder than room temperature, the pointer will spin anti-clockwise into the number scale. Since this thermometer is meant to be left in foods during cooking, the pointer will not instantly move and will require a longer period of time to register the temperature.


133(H) x 72(W) x 72(D)mm
Stainless Steel


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