Contact Grills

A Commercial Panini Grill, contact grill or panini press as it is sometimes known, will enhance your restaurant’s sandwich selection.

Whether you’re operating a mobile catering stand, deli, or cafeteria style lunch venue, these units will grill up a variety of foods quickly and efficiently. Use your commercial sandwich grill on a wide selection of items, ranging from grilled cheese sandwiches to quesadillas, chicken breast, and fish!

Each commercial panini grill we offer has its own great features, making it ideal for particular cooking applications. Choose from heavy duty and light duty options, depending on how many grilled sandwich orders come through your establishment on a daily basis.

The grill plate materials also range from aluminium and non-stick for quick heat up and recovery times, to cast iron variations for longer lasting heat and increased durability. You can also find a commercial sandwich grill with or without ribs, depending on whether or not you want your sandwich or protein to have grill marks.

Our complete range of single head and double head Contact Grills and Panini Grills can be seen and purchased here but if you need help choosing just call our sales professionals on 01304 827272