Glass Frosters

A Glass Froster or Glass Chiller is perfect addition to your busy bar for presenting craft beers, sodas, and other beverages that you want served ice cold!

Nothing beats a cocktail or beer served in an ice cold, frosted glass!
Our glass frosting cabinets ensure rapid cooling and frosting of all type of glasses as well as the chilling of a wide range of liqueurs. They are the perfect complement at any bar, restaurant or club, its front or top loading design ensures a fast efficient delivery of ice cold glasses.

We have black or stainless steel finishes to ensure your equipment matches and models that are top loading or have a glass hinged door. 
Our chillers make it easy to serve cold beverages, which will boost profitable beer, soda, and mixed drink sales, and they come in lots of sizes to fit in your small or large bar. Use a small unit that you can place in between other equipment, or try a large beer glass chiller and froster that can accommodate hundreds of standard glasses.

Our range of glass frosters are perfect for cocktail, beer and champagne glasses, they enhance presentation and keep drinks colder for longer and are designed for use in commercial bars.

Choose from a solid door or glass fronted option, or top loading design, all are ideal for placement in back bar designs.

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