Hobs and Boiling Tops

Commercial Hobs or Boiling Tops as they are sometimes known are selected for a number of reasons. It may be that an oven cavity is not required, or that space or lack of power is an issue. It could be that rather than having an oven cavity below the hob that a refrigerated base or drawer set is preferred.

Gas Hobs are the most popular of all boiling tops with open burners that have a cast iron or steel framework that supports the pot or pan above the burner.  The gas flame impinges directly onto the bottom of the pot or pan.
Smaller LPG units are often used by mobile caterers or in outside event catering environments.

Electric Hobs are commonly used where a gas supply is unavailable, or perhaps the additional expense of providing an exaction canopy is not wanted. Some smaller two and four hob lower powered models are on a plug top making them more portable so suited to outside caterers and businesses that carry out occasional front of house cooking.

Induction Hobs - over the past 5 years the range of available induction hob models has increased considerable and at the same time their prices have reduced. 
Now a very popular choice where high power and energy savings are required.
Other than the lower energy use these hobs produce no heat when no pan is present which has a positive effect on temperatures in the kitchen and ultimately how much air the extraction canopy needs to move, leading to further energy savings.

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