Reach-In Freezers

A Reach-In Freezer is one of those essential pieces of catering equipment found in all foodservice establishments.

We have a wide range of commercial freezers including single, double and triple door freezers and from models designed to sit below a counter to medium storage larder freezers right up to the largest capacity gastronorm freezers.

Our upright freezers come in models with either top or bottom mounted compressors.
- Bottom-mounted compressors are easier to maintain and their raised bottom shelf makes it easy to pull product. These freezers work well in hot kitchens because they don't draw hot air into the compressor, and they also offer storage space on top of the unit.

- Top-mounted compressors are ideal for air-conditioned kitchens and offer more interior storage space. Because they're further from the floor, these compressors also don't suck up dirt, dust, and food particles.

With a range of manufactures from budges to mid range and up to higher end energy efficient machines we are sure to have what you need but if you need help jut call our sales team on 01304 827272.