Water Softeners

A salt based water softener is a vital piece of equipment to keep your glasswasher or commercial dishwasher free of the sodium and magnesium found naturally in hard water.

These deposits will coat your machine elements and other parts leading to inefficient operation and ultimately machine component failure.

Not only will the lack of a suitable water softener contribute to your new warewashing machines early failure it is often a condition of the manufacturers warranty that you have one on place. Any warranty issues caused by limescale deposits through not having a softener are likely not to be covered and furthermore result in a chargeable visit.

A Manual cylinder water softener is very commonly used and is a cost effective method of producing softwater, if a little labour intensive in that it is likely to nee granular salt adding weekly and a flush through.

Automatic softeners are less labour intensive in that they are set up to regenerate automatically so all you have to do is ensure that the tablet salt is topped up regularly.
These machines are available in differing volumes and for use on a cold or hot water supply (upto 55 Deg C only).

As this piece of equipment could be protecting a piece of kitchen equipment worth thousands of pounds if you are not sure what you should purchase just call us on 01304 827272 where our warewashing specialist will be able to help.