Puracycle Reusable Day Bottle Labels (Pack of 25)

Product No: FB283

Product Description

Pack Quantity: 25 Applying new labels every day can be a real pain, with the majority being thrown away within 24 hours. With Puracycle's reusable day bottle labels, this is no longer a worry. The advanced, three-layered design allows you to clean your sauce and condiment bottles in the dishwasher without having to remove these labels. This means each one can be reused for up to a whole year, significantly cutting costs on single-use labels while also reducing the amount of paper waste you produce.

When paired with the Puracycle marker pens (FB284 - sold separately), these labels can also withstand steam, condensation, hot or cold water and accidental knocks without the ink fading. This means your bottles can be safely stored in all areas of the kitchen without the risk of ruined labels. The ink can be simply removed when you apply friction and water, allowing you to easily re-label your bottles at any time.

The 'days of the week' design also allows you to track important information such as the use-by date of your sauces and condiments. This makes it easy for you to ensure accurate and safe stock rotation.


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