Room Care R10-plus Pur-Eco Neutral Floor Cleaner Concentrate 1.5Ltr

Product No: CX815

Product Description

Pack Size: 1.5Ltr Make it easy for staff to keep your floors spotlessly clean at all times by equipping them with these Diversey Room Care R10-plus Pur-Eco floor cleaner concentrate pouches. Formulated for professional use, this neutral floor cleaner will rapidly tackle tough stains, dirt and grime without leaving behind large amounts of foam. This will help you to restore your floors back to their former glory quickly and easily, ensuring they're always ready for the next service.

The concentrated formula means this cleaner is extremely long lasting, saving you money on frequent replacement purchases. This concentrated solution also means less packaging is needed to deliver your chemicals, helping to drastically cut down on the amount of environmentally damaging packaging waste you produce.

Made to meet the strict environmental and safety criteria of the EU Flower and Nordic Swan Ecolabels, this floor cleaner is also kind to both the planet and your staff. As such, this solution gives you great green alternatives to traditional floor cleaning chemicals, helping to improve the sustainability of your operation.


272(H) x 63.5(W)mm
Environmentally friendly
Environmentally Friendly


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