Commercial Griddles

A commercial griddle is a basic piece of equipment that is found in a majority of commercial foodservice operations. The concept of heating food on a hot metal plate has been around for years and foods “grilled” or griddle cooked are still popular, In fact, many operators view the griddle as indispensable.

Griddles are available in either gas or electric models and with a variety of plate types.
It griddle cooks food by transferring heat from a plate directly into the food product placed on top of that plate.

Accurate temperature control, uniform cooking surface temperatures and ease-of-cleaning are the keys to good griddle design and desired by operators for product consistency, maximum batch output and food safety.  

Cast Iron Griddles are the entry level products for this category. Cast Iron plates is a heavy duty, highly durable material that allows food a good heat transfer. As a non stainless material it will 'flash rust' so does required a degree of effort on its care an cleaning.

Ceramic Griddles are a more recent innovation, generally using an infrared element below the ceramic as an energy efficient method  of heating the griddle plate. As more attractive looking cooking surface ceramic griddles are often used as front of house or theatre cooking solutions as they are also very easy to keep clean. 

Chrome Plate Griddles are generally constructed from a thicker than usual steel plate base and then further coated with chrome on the cooking surface.
Chrome plates have excellent heat retention and ensure a more even cooking temperature across the griddle surface. They are also more attractive for theatre cooking use and are easier to clean than steel or cast iron plates.

Steel Plate Griddles are the most common type of griddle plate chosen for its combination of excellent durability and good heat retention. Stainless steel provides more benefits than a cast iron plate but at a lower cost than chromium plate.
Stainless steel griddles are available in flat plate or ribbed plate for producing attractive branding marks on food at the same time as allowing fats to run away from the food.

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