Plate Warmers

Keep dishes and plates warm and close to hand with a mobile heated plate and dish warmer, or keep plates close to your plating up area with a static plate warmer.

If you keep plates warm your food will stay hot for longer amounts of time and you will also reduce the amount of thermal shock your dishes go through when they are plated up.

You can keep plates of various sizes warm throughout service in the kitchen place them at the start of your buffet servery where guests line up, or keep them anywhere it's convenient!

We have open or enclosed mobile heated plate and dish dispensers often called lowerators, depending on your preferences. Enclosed models are ideal for formal banquet halls because they conceal the cylindrical dispensers, but both styles are constructed form food grade stainless steel so will match other equipment and make them easy to keep clean.

Call us now on 01304 827272 if you need help choosing the right plate dispenser for your business - our experienced sales team will provide all the help you need.