Chef's Choice Commercial Knife Sharpener Model 2100

Product No: CK060

Product Description

175W. Diamond Hone Electric 2100 The Chef's Choice Diamond Hone electric knife sharpener 2100 uses a new, revolutionary 3-Stage system specifically designed to let your knives perform at their best. With the patented triple bevel Trizor-Plus design, you can sharpen Asian style, fillet, butcher knives and sport knives. The Model 2100 is designed to sharpen both straight-edge and serrated blades.

Stages 1 and 2 use 100 diamond abrasive disks and Stage 3 uses ultra-fine, proprietary stropping disks to create razor sharp, arch-shaped edges that stay sharp longer. The rugged metal casing houses a powerful high-speed motor to provide astonishing sharp edges in seconds. Precision angle guides eliminate all guesswork and the detachable sharpening module is commercial dishwasher safe and replaceable. Easy to use, effective and safe, the M2100 is the perfect replacement for an outside sharpening service. Recommended for larger commercial kitchens. (3600 RPM, 175 watts)


310(H) x 135(W) x 130(D)mm
1 Year


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