Commercial Fryers

Commercial Fryers are a key piece of cooking equipment found in most commercial kitchens.  
Fried foods have remained a steady diet component, despite the “health concerns” surrounding fried foods and their impact on cholesterol levels.

As long as French fries, doughnuts, fried-chicken, fried vegetables, and a host of regional, ethnic and other such staples remain popular restaurant menu items, fryers will remain a vital component of most foodservice kitchens.

Deep-fat fryers run on either gas (natural or propane) or electricity and are available as either counter top models or full-size free standing floor models.  Restaurant Fryers are generally rated and grouped by three basic characteristics: power input, oil capacity and production rate.  

For operators who have limited space and/or limited production needs (if they are frying less than 30 kg per hour of fries), a counter top fryer would be a good option to consider. 
And for larger operations producing more than 30 kg of product per hour, full size free standing fryers are the way to go.

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