Imc IVC In Vessel Composter

Product No: IMC10113

Product Description

    Imc IVC In Vessel Composter

    The IVC works by removing food waste from the solid waste stream, this reduces the need for separate collections as well as improving the yield of dry recyclables such as paper, plastic, glass and metal.

    Available in a range of sizes capable of dealing with up to 1800kg of food waste per week.

    The IVC comprises a horizontally aligned drum that is rotated periodically in order to aerate the contents and enable the material to gradually move from one end of the IVC to the other.

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    Imperial Machine Company (IMC) has been engineering catering solutions for more than 110 years. They have designed, installed and supported catering products for foodservice operations for generations; a fact that IMC are immensely proud of.
    After many years of being family run IMC was purchased by the Middleby Corporation. The challenges and demands may have changed, but the company ethos is the same, provide high quality catering solutions supported by passionate, knowledgeable and hard working staff.